World Sound Healing Day 2015

WSHD 2 flt

Listen live at 12pm on Saturday 14th February 2015 for a live broadcast of the collective soundscape and toning to “AH”. Join in wherever you are. ohm is on Mixlr

Below is a soundbite taken from last years World Sound Healing Day 2014, a collective soundscape, toning to “AH” in the woods, with vocal overtones, and metalic resonant tones from singing bowls and tingshas.

Doors open from 11.30am for the Heart Meditation leading up to the Global Chant as we tone to “AH” followed by a Sound Bath, Music & Social. Feel free to bring and share a dish or snack for a light lunch refreshment. A range of tea’s including herbal will be available.

A brief introductory workshop on playing the singing bowls will be included for those who wish to participate in the collective group soundscape. You are also welcome to bring a singing bowl or other resonant sounds to add to the high vibrational energy.

We will have a water feature available where you are invited to place your healing intention on a handwritten note, into the water. This water will be activated by sound energy, a combination of our higher intention and the vibrations of sound. We will then pour the water into the earth amongst the allotments.

The Hut is a hub of spiritual activity in North London. With three ley lines or energy lines running across and the abundance of positive healing energies, making it the perfect location for this event.


The Hut, Rathbone Allotments, Ryalls ct, Oakleigh Road North, London N20 0RY

As space is limited it is advisable to book in advance.

To find out more about World Sound Healing Day check the following link:



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