(Image showing inside a hand beaten, antique, Himalayan “Thadobati” singing bowl)

In this blog I aim to write about sound and its therapeutic qualities, focusing on the lesser known sounds of these Himalayan (also known as Tibetan) singing bowls.

Drawing from my background in Sound Art, I have a real interest in the effects of certain sounds and how this engages with our auditory awareness. I have a BA degree in Sonic Arts and an MA in Fine Art (Sonic), where my research was focused on the acoustic properties of Tibetan Singing Bowls, whilst exploring the healing, therapeutic effects. I also hold a diploma in Himalayan Sound Healing/therapies using singing bowls. In addition to my diploma, my practice has been developed around my own research including individual case studies with a more practical and experimental approach. I am also a qualified Reiki practitioner with FHT membership and Meditation teacher, working in harmony with my Sound Therapy.  I have an interest in working with sound to bring positive affects on the mind and body, bringing inner peace, harmony and balance when required. I enjoy working with people and helping them through the use of sound. I am always developing my research in this area and aim to reflect on this in my writing.

I also run group classes and individual sessions including Sound Therapy, Mindfulness, Healing, Reiki and Reiki Sound Bath Treatments in London.




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